Dental Health & Xylitol Gum

While eating alkalizing foods can make a difference in promoting dental health, chewing gum with xylitol is another way you can wage war on acidity and put a stop to the erosion of your teeth and gums. Acidic foods can cause or worsen tooth sensitivity, but so can your own saliva, if it has an improper pH balance.

The natural saliva in your mouth, made from body liquids, has a pH level that is dependent on a combination of factors: Stress, hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and nutrition are all common. 

Oftentimes, the chemistry of your saliva neutralizes acidity in your mouth. This is why chewing gum, which increases saliva production, is a practical way to keep mouth pH balanced

However, when life is crazy at work or home, sleep is at an all-time low, and fast food joints are your quick nutritional fix, the power of saliva can be compromised. At Fargo’s South University Dental, we find this can cause dental patients to experience higher-than-average difficulty with cavities, damaged fillings, sensitivity to hot or cold, and even gum recession. 


Xylitol: An Effective Neutralization Solution

Xylitol is one of nature’s most powerful allies in maintaining a healthy smile. Made of birch wood chips, it can also be referred to as ‘birch sugar.’ The real strength of xylitol is that it slows the growth of acid-producing bacteria that creates acid erosion in your teeth. 

The alkalizing advantage of xylitol is completely dependent on how many other acidic forces your saliva is taking on. So… While chewing gum with xylitol is an effective way to shield your precious enamel from acidity, the overall effectiveness of it can change based on how many of the ‘check boxes’ of acidity (stress level, sleep, hormones, nutrition) you’ve marked off. 

Xylitol Gum Brands and Options

While it can occasionally be done, finding gum with xylitol may not always be an easy task in the standard candy section of a convenience store. However, drug stores, pharmacies, and health food stores are all excellent outlets to find what you need. Here is a quick reference of popular xylitol gum brands.  

  • Epic
  • IceBreakers SugarFree Ice Cubes
  • Peelu
  • Miradent
  • Spry
  • Trident with Xylitol
  • Trident Xtra Care
  • Xyloburst
  • XyliChew
  • Zellies

For some, chewing gum may be a challenge when facing jaw-related issues that limit your level of comfort. In this case, many of the popular gum-makers also have mint alternatives that have also proven to be effective in the battle to maintain pH balance. 

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There are many practical strategies that can help you maintain a pH balance that promotes dental health. While smart eating, chewing xylitol gum, and reducing acidic beverage intake is a good start, it is still important to have regular dental check-ins and cleanings. South University Dental Associates have experts who are passionate about helping you maintain a sparkling smile and, when necessary, restore your teeth when damaged. Whether you’re looking for the best in preventative care or just need feedback on how make better choices for oral health, a quality dentist in the Fargo-West Fargo Fargo-Moorhead area is just a phone call away. The team of dentists at South University Dental is available to offer dental advice, a diagnosis, or treatment as necessary.