Dental Extractions

A tooth that has sustained extensive breaking, damage, or decay is a candidate for a dental extraction.

Additionally, teeth that are causing overcrowding or impacting other teeth may also need to be removed. At South University Dental, removal of a tooth is, all things considered, a relatively painless, comfortable process.

An extraction procedure is typically performed after local anesthetic has been applied to numb the area of the removal. The extraction process is often simple, as tools/instruments are used to grasp onto the affected tooth and lift or pull it out.

What are the most commonly extracted teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a common candidate for extraction. These are the last teeth to break through in the mouth and they can often cause impaction of other teeth or create residual effects. In other cases, permanent teeth may need to be removed due to a patient’s mouth size or to make space or orthodontic treatment such as braces.

Sometimes, a permanent tooth can be difficult to access, especially when it is being removed before it emerges or erupts through the gum line. In these cases, a surgical extraction may be necessary.

At South University Dental, Dr. DeBates, Dr. Samuel,  Dr. Bergan, and Dr. Althoff are armed with the knowledge and expertise to give you the appropriate extraction that is as expedient and pain-free as possible.

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