Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring is also referred to as "tooth reshaping" or "dental sculpting". It offers an instant cosmetic fix for quickly repairing chipped teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that overlap one another, and uneven or irregular teeth.

When a tooth needs to be reshaped, a process called ‘contouring’ is done. Also known as ‘tooth reshaping’ or ‘dental sculpting’, it provides a quick fix for anything from a chipped tooth to crooked teeth. Contouring is also useful for teeth that overlap one another or are uneven.

Contouring can also make a positive difference on your bite. Jaw muscles are often under stress when you tooth alignment is imbalanced. Contouring, which can often be completed in one visit to South University Dental, makes an instant, noticeable difference.

If you’re in need of more extensive work, contouring can also be done over time, giving you gradual results over the course of shorter sessions.

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