There are several options to consider when replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Many times, dentures become the most desirable option for patients at South University Dental.

Some conventional dentures are removable, while others rely on bonding to surrounding teeth or implants.

Removable Dentures

Fabrication of removable dentures is a common practice at South University Dental. The partial denture is a typical solution, which is made as a replacement for one or multiple teeth along an arch. The remaining natural teeth are important to the effectiveness of a partial, as they are used to help hold the partial in place. In situations where natural teeth are not available to hold partial dentures in place, a complete removable denture is created as a full replacement set.

Implant Dentures

What is an implant-retained denture? This is a denture that is held in place by surgically-placed implants. In many cases, two to four implants are placed in the bone. Once the implanted area heals, the implants provide a secure anchor point for implant dentures to bond to. South University Dental Doctors Todd DeBates, Walter Samuel, and Chad Bergan have the experience and expertise to fashion implant dentures that will transform the appearance of any mouth.

Implant dentures are removable and contain attachments on the underside that attach to or ‘clip on’ to the implants. This creates a strong hold that allows dentures to remain in place while doing anything from eating to drinking to speaking.

For patients desiring a more permanent solution, implant dentures can be also fixed permanently onto the implants themselves.

Other solutions for tooth replacement include:

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