LAPIP - Peri-Implantitis Treament

The LAPIP protocol is a minimally invasive approach to treating ailing and failing dental implants.

Proven Success for Saving Implants in Fargo, ND

At South University Dental Associates in Fargo, ND, we offer the innovative LAPIP protocol, a patient-friendly and predictable solution for ailing implants. Studies have shown that 95% of implants with peri-implantitis treated with the LAPIP protocol have reintegrated in the pocket and stabilized with bone growth of 3-8 threads. When it comes to saving your implants, trust the expertise of our experienced dental team.

Protect Your Implant Investment with LAPIP Treatment

LAPIP treatment can help protect your implant investment by addressing peri-implant disease effectively. Our LAPIP protocol offers a range of benefits:

  • Stop progression of peri-implant disease
  • Destroy bacteria causing inflammation
  • Save healthy gum tissues
  • Encourage new bone growth

Peri-Implant Disease Mimics Periodontal Disease

Just like periodontal disease, peri-implant disease can lead to serious complications if left untreated. While implants themselves can't become diseased, the surrounding tissue can become infected. Peri-implant disease typically starts as peri-mucositis, which is minor inflammation around the implant. If left untreated, the inflammation can lead to bone erosion and implant instability. Various factors can trigger the initial inflammation, including existing periodontal bacteria, foreign materials lodged in your gums around the implant, and misaligned implant connectors. As a leading dentist in Fargo, we specialize in treating peri-implant disease with our advanced LAPIP protocol.

Signs/Symptoms of Moderate-to-Advanced Peri-Implantitis

If you experience any of the following signs or symptoms, it's crucial to seek timely treatment from a Fargo dentist:

  • Swelling in the gums
  • Implant mobility
  • Bleeding gums
  • Change in gum color surrounding the implant
  • High gum sensitivity
  • Implant exposure (gum recession preventing adherence to the implant or crown surface)
  • Mild to severe pain around the implant site
  • Excretion of pus from the implant's surrounding tissues

Simple Treatment. Amazing Results. Choose South University Dental Associates.

We are proud to offer the PERIOLASE® MVP-7™, a dental laser specifically designed to improve periodontal health. With its unique wavelength, the PerioLase MVP-7 effectively targets the bacteria that cause gum disease, providing minimally invasive and highly effective treatment.

Benefits of Treating Peri-Implant Disease with the LAPIP Protocol at South University Dental Associates:

  • Most patients require just one appointment for treatment
  • Experience less pain and more comfortable healing compared to other surgical options
  • Bacteria are eliminated without harming healthy tissue
  • Minimizes gum recession, ensuring a confident smile
  • Utilizes 100% natural techniques without foreign materials or growth factors
  • Safe for medically compromised patients, those on blood thinners, or individuals with diabetes
  • No cutting or stitches, leading to minimal gum recession
  • No need for bone grafting

The LAPIP Protocol: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Our LAPIP protocol offers a comprehensive treatment approach that focuses on preserving healthy tissue and promoting healing. The key aspects of our LAPIP protocol include:

  • Removal of only diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact
  • Elimination of the infection causing peri-implant disease
  • Maintenance of tissue height around implants
  • Minimization of pain and discomfort to the patient
  • Closure of the periodontal pocket wound to facilitate healing

With our no-risk, first-line treatment approach, we preserve other treatment options while effectively controlling peri-implant disease to save and protect your implant investment.

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