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How do I Know if My Child Has a Cavity?

How do I know if my child has a cavity? What are the warning signs? What should I do about it?

COVID-19 Update: October 19, 2020

As we all continue to try and operate during these challenging times we wanted to give you an update on what we are doing to keep all our patients and team members safe at South University Dental Associates.

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What are common causes of a chipped tooth?

What are common causes of chipped teeth? How can you best protect yourself against chipped or broken teeth? There are many situations and scenarios that can cause this.

I just chipped a tooth. Now what do I do?

Though typically strong, stable, and sturdy enough to hold up to decades of chewing foods of varied consistencies, there are occasions when something happens and a tooth simply can’t withstand the pressure.

How does a dentist fix a chipped tooth?

Humans were made to have strong teeth. If you think of the number of meals you eat per day, plus snacking, plus beverages, you’ll quickly realize our teeth indeed hold up to quite the daily workout.

How does mouthwash affect your teeth?

At South University Dental, our professionals recommend a daily regimen of brushing and flossing your teeth to maintain a sparkling smile. But what about mouthwash? Should this be part of the routine as well?

Can medications affect the health of my teeth?

There are hundreds of medications that have dry mouth as a potential side effect. This can directly impact the health of your teeth due to the limitation of saliva this causes. When saliva cannot flow freely, its infection-fighting powers are not readily available.

How does smoking and tobacco use increase risk for periodontal disease?

The primary negative effect of smoking is that it decreases blood flow in the gums, which inhibits their capability to heal. Ultimately, this makes gums more vulnerable to infection. Smokers also typically develop deeper pockets between teeth and gums and experience increased loss of bone and tissue between teeth.

How is Periodontal Disease Diagnosed?

When periodontal disease is caught in early stages, there is often no permanent damage done to the supporting structures under your teeth. In this case, a simple professional cleaning may be enough to eliminate the issue.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

When periodontal disease is caught in early stages, there is often no permanent damage done to the supporting structures under your teeth. In this case, a simple professional cleaning may be enough to eliminate the issue.

The Keys to Periodontal Maintenance for Dental Health

Nearly half of U.S. adults over the age of 30 have periodontal disease. Once diagnosed, the effects of periodontal disease can be stifled with proper treatment.

What is xylitol gum and how does it neutralize pH levels?

While eating alkalizing foods can make a difference in promoting dental health, chewing gum with xylitol is another way you can wage war on acidity and put a stop to the erosion of your teeth and gums.

Food, pH Levels, and Acid Erosion. It’s a relationship.

When it comes to eating in a way that’s friendly for your teeth, there’s one important relationship to always keep in mind. It’s a triangular one that deals with food, pH levels and acid erosion. Understanding this combination goes a long way in fostering long-term dental health.

Teeth damaged from acidity? Here’s how to restore.

How do you know when a tooth has been damaged? Telltale signs include tooth sensitivity, as well as cavities and cuppings. When acid damage has compromised the outer enamel, the exposure of inner enamel can cause pain in the form of sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Cavities and cuppings, which are indentations on the tooth’s surface, are an indication decay has begun. Sensitivity due to these factors can be incredibly painful.

Keys to Neutralizing pH in the Mouth

Depending on your lifestyle, maintaining a neutral pH level can be a challenge. Are you creating a saliva-friendly environment for your mouth? If so, you have given yourself an advantage in maintaining a sparkling smile.

What is pH in your Mouth and How Does it Affect Acidity?

While acidic foods can have a negative effect on teeth, the key is that you don’t let foods and drinks that are low on the pH scale linger too long in your mouth. With a consistent routine of brushing and flossing, your incisors, canines and molars can safely advance to the next meal.