If you’ve ever chipped a tooth, you know the odd sensation that ensues. You run your tongue the inside of your mouth and there’s suddenly there’s a small valley that wasn’t there before. Something is missing.

What are common causes of chipped teeth? How can you best protect yourself against chipped or broken teeth? There are many situations and scenarios that can cause this. Some are avoidable, some are not-so avoidable. 

Sports and Damaged Teeth

Contact sports such as hockey (puck to the mouth), baseball (throw, pitch or tag to the face), and football (incorrect mouthguard usage) are common culprits. However, elbows or knees can find their way into the pearly whites of an opponent in virtually any sport, such as basketball or soccer. s

In other cases, stumbles, falls, or freak accidents that cause impact or trauma to the head, face, or mouth can create a chipped tooth.

Certain Foods Can Cause Teeth to Break or Chip

It’s important to factor food in as a potential cause. Yes, your teeth were made for chewing. And yes, teeth are incredibly strong. However, hard candy and/or frozen-solid food and treats create enough resistance to commonly cause teeth to chip or break. 

While some food, candies and treats taste much better straight out of the freezer, it’s important to remember that our teeth simply weren’t made to bite down hard into rock-hard food. Be sure to suck on anything frozen instead of taking direct, immediate bites. If possible, give frozen food a chance to soften somewhat before eating. Your teeth and your wallet will thank you later. 

Ignored Cavities and Old Fillings Increase Odds of Damage

What is current condition of your teeth? Do you have an untreated cavity or perhaps ancient amalgam fillings that are weakening? Because of the weakness cavities and old fillings can cause to a tooth, odds of chipping or breaking are increased under these circumstances. 

Questions about the health of your teeth? The experts at South University Dental are available to assist. 

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