Winning the battle against tooth decay has a very close correlation to acidity and the pH levels of your mouth

There are many ways was that highly acidic foods and beverages can take a toll on tooth enamel, which opens the door to hamful decay, including cavities. 

Waging war against acidity in your mouth starts with minimizing the intake of foods and drinks that are low on the pH scale. However, the other critical component of this is knowing how saliva is a warrior for neutrality. 

Are you creating a saliva-friendly environment for your mouth?

If so, you have given yourself an advantage in maintaining a sparkling smile. Here are a few aspects to consider: 

  • Obviously, the drier your mouth is, the less saliva you have available. Diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol can create dryness, leaving you more susceptible to acid damage over time. 
  • Smoke from cigarettes and/or marijuana hinders saliva production. 
  • Are you taking any medication? Many common antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, hypertension medicine, and numerous other medicines can reduce the flow of saliva, thus lowering pH in your mouth. 

Practical & simple ideas to promote a healthy pH level

What’s good for your mouth’s pH:

  • Avoiding dehydration and dry mouth by drinking plenty of water sometimes take intentional effort. Don’t forget to carve out a few minutes each day to take in the commonly-recommended eight 8-oz glasses of water (or about 2 liters). 
  • Arginine-rich proteins can increase plaque pH. What is an arginine-rich protein? Some examples include Increasing nuts, seeds, coconut, kidney beans, tuna, and even watermelon.
  • Many chewing gums on the market have Xylitol as an ingredient. As a sweetener made from fibrous part of plants, Xylitol promotes a neutral pH level. It can also be found in mints and toothpaste.

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