Balancing the Dental Health

When it comes to eating in a way that’s friendly for your teeth, there’s one important relationship to always keep in mind. It’s a triangular one that deals with food, pH levels and acid erosion. Understanding this combination goes a long way in fostering long-term dental health. 

While acidity is a more prominent concern in the beverages we drink (aside from milk and water), there are also foods such as chocolate, pasta, pastry, cheese, and meats such as pork and lamb that are in the three range on the pH scale. Additionally, artificial sweeteners such as Sweet N Low, NutraSweet, Equal, and Aspartame can promote acid erosion. 

Beef, fish, popcorn, prunes, and cranberries are also more on the acidic side, but lie closer to the range of four on the scale. 

Creating balance

The dental experts at South University Dental in Fargo recommend a steady routine of eating foods that are more on the alkaline side of the spectrum. This keeps the acid levels in your mouth balanced. Furthermore, foods that are more alkaline than acid tend to be more healthy for your body as a whole.

You virtually can’t go wrong with green vegetables. Peppers, celery, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and avocado are all fantastic options. Sprouted grains, sweet potatoes and fruits such as melons, pears, tangerines, grapes, blueberries are all a point closer to neutral, but still great alkalizing options. 

Over time, having an advanced understanding of the relationship between your food, the pH scale, and acid erosion can preserve your teeth for a lifetime, making each trip to the dentist a quick and cavity-free exercise. 

However, if you’re already experiencing acid erosion and are in need of professional assistance, the friendly team of professionals at South University Dental is available to serve Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, and those in communities throughout the Red River Valley.

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It’s easy to go coast through life ignoring how the foods we eat are affecting dental well-being. South University Dental Associates have experts who are passionate about helping you make disciplined decisions when it comes to habits that promote healthy teeth, including keeping your pH balance in check. Whether you’re looking to fix teeth damaged by acid erosion, get the best in preventative care, or just need feedback on how make better choices for oral health, a quality family friendly dentist in the Fargo-West Fargo Fargo-Moorhead area is just a phone call away. The team of dentists at South University Dental is available to offer dental advice, a diagnosis, or treatment as necessary.