How to Get Rid of your Child’s Bad Breath

We have all experienced bad breath, but for some it is more than an occasional nuisance. 

Frequent bad breath for your child may have an underlying cause that should be treated by a dentist, so If you live in Moorhead, MN or Fargo, North Dakota and are looking for a dentist, consider scheduling an appointment with us at South University Dental Associates.

Bad breath can lead to lower self-esteem for your child and, at times, embarrassment. There are various causes of bad breath as well as various solutions that range from simple to more involved. Read on to learn about the causes and solutions we recommend trying.

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can result from a wide variety of causes. Although we list a number of possible causes below, we always recommend telling your dentist about your concerns so a specific care plan can be developed for your condition.

  1. Skipping their regular brushing and flossing routine. Skimping on a regular dental care routine can lead to degrading dental hygiene, which leads to bad breath
  2. Gingivitis. Caused by bacteria build up in the mouth, gingivitis is a common cause of bad breath.
  3. Eating strong foods such as onions and garlic.
  4. Dry Mouth and dehydration. This can be caused by medications that are common for children, including antidepressants and ADHD medications. 

6 quick ways to eliminate bad breath for your son or daughter

Solutions for bad breath can be found right at home. Next time you are experiencing bad breath, you can try these DIY solutions. However, if your condition worsens or continues to be a bother, be sure to talk to your dentist.

  1. Brush your teeth after each meal - brush their teeth lightly after each meal and focus on brushing their tongue.
  2. Floss. Flossing will rid their teeth of plaque build up between your teeth which can lead to bad breath.
  3. Moisten your mouth. Dry mouth can lead to bad breath.
  4. Avoid foods that lead to bad breath. When they eat foods like onions and garlic, the chemicals that give them their strong smells make their way to your lungs and cause bad breath.
  5. Encourage them to scrape their tongue. Bad breath causing bacteria can build up on their tongue, and it can often be missed when brushing. Reminding them to Scrape their tongue can help them get rid of odor causing bacteria.
  6. Have them drink lemon water. The acidity of lemon and other citrus fruits causes their mouth to produce greater amounts of saliva, helping remedy dry mouth and eliminating conditions for bad breath bacteria to feste . Be careful not to overdo this one however - the acidity can also eat away at the enamel of their teeth over time, so make sure to follow lemon water with regular, unflavored water. 

As mentioned above, if bad breath is a common concern, be sure to talk about it with your dentist. Although uncommon, recurring bad breath can be the sign of a greater underlying condition, and should be checked out immediately to prevent further damage.