Do you want to straighten your teeth but don’t feel comfortable with metal braces? At South University Dental Associates in Fargo, ND, we offer SureSmile® clear aligners as an alternative. SureSmile® clear aligners are a popular alternative to traditional braces that provide excellent results without the noticeable metal brackets and wires. If you are considering orthodontic treatment and want to learn more about these clear aligners, keep reading.

What are SureSmile® clear aligners?

They are a series of transparent and removable trays that apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into alignment over time. Each tray is custom-made using 3D printing technology, based on the impressions of your teeth, so they fit your mouth perfectly. This individualized approach is more comfortable than traditional braces and provides a more customized solution for your orthodontic needs.

How do SureSmile® clear aligners work?

You need to wear each tray in the series for two weeks before moving on to the next one. You will need to wear them for at least 22 hours per day and only remove them to eat and brush your teeth. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, making them an ideal option for anyone who wants straighter teeth without the noticeable metal wire and brackets of traditional braces.

What benefits you can expect from SureSmile® clear aligners.

Besides being nearly invisible, clear aligners are also removable. This makes it easy to maintain your oral hygiene routine since you can brush and floss your teeth without the interference of brackets and wires. Additionally, there are no food restrictions, as you can easily remove the aligners each time you eat. This allows you to eat your favorite foods without compromising your treatment.

What to expect during your treatment.

You will need to visit our office regularly to monitor your progress and receive your new trays, usually every six weeks. The length of your treatment will depend on your specific needs, but most patients achieve their desired results within 12 to 24 months. During your treatment, you may experience some mild discomfort or pressure as your teeth shift, but this is normal and usually subsides after a few days.

How to maintain your new straighter smile once your treatment is complete.

After completing your treatment, you may need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their previous position. You should also continue to practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist.

SureSmile® clear aligners are an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces, providing customized and virtually invisible orthodontic treatment. They allow for more comfort, convenience and flexibility during treatment. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, we at South University Dental Associates in Fargo, ND, would love to discuss whether SureSmile® can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment today.