If you’re doing it right, brushing your teeth should be a second-nature daily routine.

The only drawback is we often step up to the sink and forget to evaluate the condition of our toothbrush. If you’ve been on auto-pilot with the same toothbrush for a while, the findings can be a little alarming. 

So how long should a toothbrush actually last? The short answer from your friends at South University Dental: A few months. 

But let’s scrub this topic a little more

At three months, keep an eye on the bristles of your brush. If those bristles become frayed, they are not able to scrub teeth and gums the way they're designed to. After four months, it’s typically time for a replacement manual brush or a new electric attachment. 

When looking for a replacement brush, there are popular versions from companies such as Oral B, Colgate, Crest, REACH, and Sonicare. Ultimately, the toothbrush is not nearly as important as using proper technique and brushing for the recommended two minutes. If fact, toothbrush studies done by Consumer Reports come to the same conclusion… Technique is more important than the tool.

Keep your toothbrush fresh

It’s important to know when to toss your brush, and equally important to visit your dentist for regular professional cleanings. If you’re due for another visit, your friends at Fargo’s South University Dental are passionate about helping you maintain a first-class smile. Email our office or call (701) 232-8884. One of our friendly team members will happily help you schedule a convenient appointment time.