We get it. 

Taking time out of your busy schedule to visit the dentist can be a hassle and an inconvenience. However, undiagnosed periodontal disease creates exponentially more frustration than scheduling appointments for regular cleaning and preventative maintenance. 

The importance of regular exams lies in the reality that these check-ins allow periodontal disease to be caught before major damage is done to the gums and bones that provide support for your teeth and gums. 

How is periodontal disease detected? 

When a patient is having a periodontal evaluation at an office like Fargo’s South University Dental, a dentist or hygienist uses something called a periodontal probe to carefully measure how much space is between a patient’s teeth and gums. 

A space that is LESS THAN three millimeters deep indicates a healthy mouth. When the measurement is deeper, that typically indicates the beginning of periodontal disease. The deeper the pockets, the more severe the damage. 

Dental x-rays are another tool used to diagnose periodontal disease.

When evaluating these x-rays, the goal for the dental professional is to check the bone supporting the teeth. When these bone levels are low, that is another indicator of periodontal disease. 

A patient with periodontal disease typically goes through the process of scaling and root planing. While periodontal disease can be treated, the damage cannot always be reversed. It is critical for patients with periodontal disease to be diligent in scheduling frequent future appointments. 

Trust the professionals at Restorative Dentists at South University Dental.

Have you had your teeth and gums examined lately? Catching periodontal disease early is critical to your oral health. The professionals at South University Dental in Fargo can effectively treat the disease while permanent damage to roots and gums can be side-stepped with the help of our experts. If you’re looking for premium quality dental care in the Red River Valley, email our office or call (701) 232-8884. One of our friendly team members will happily help you schedule a convenient appointment time.