Humans were made to have strong teeth. If you think of the number of meals you eat per day, plus snacking, plus beverages, you’ll quickly realize our teeth indeed hold up to quite the daily workout. 

Even so, accidents and mishaps can happen that cause a tooth to become chipped.

How is a chipped tooth typically fixed? How do dental professionals take care of a chipped tooth? Much of it depends on how extensive the chip is. 

How a small tooth chip is fixed?

When a chipped tooth occurrence is small, a dental professional may do something as simple as smoothing and doing a detailed polish of the chipped tooth. This can often restore the aesthetics of the tooth. 

How a medium tooth chip is fixed?

Fillings, crowns, or caps are often the remedy for a medium-sized chipped tooth. When minor damage to tooth enamel is present, this is when these type of procedures are necessary. Though fillings, crowns, or caps are not always fun words to hear, procedures like these must be done to shield the inner layers of a tooth from sensitivity, infection, or irritation. 

How a large tooth chip is fixed?

When a substantial portion of a tooth is chipped, the primary risk is exposure of a nerve. In these scenarios, a root canal may be needed to extract the damaged nerve. From there, a crown or cap is necessary to replace the chipped tooth. 

The restorative experts at South University Dental are available to assist. 

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